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Uday Ogra's first 11 real Facebook friends
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Is it 100% accurate?

Absolutely not 100%, neither any app can be. Facebook neither stores this data nor exposes any API to get such data. We have used complex algorithms to get as accurate results as possible

What is the algorithm?

We analyze the dates of all the comments made on your profile(photos and posts). Depending upon the oldness of the comments we create the final list. If someone was your friend before anyone else but never commented on your profile, he/she will not get listed. And why should you care about them. This list gives you first 11 known friends who would have interacted with you atleast once

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Is this app secure to use

This app does not publish anything on your behalf. It is upto you if you want to share or not. We do not store any of your information. The images which get created are deleted periodically